Corporate Design

Would you like to have a Corporate Design created? Milligan Design can design the visual identity of your company, from the logo to the website.

The Procedure

1. Briefing

In the first step, all important questions are clarified. What is your core competency? Who is your target audience? Do you already have ideas, e.g. for logo design, and can these be implemented graphically? Which means of communication are necessary? Which content management system fits your desired website and what does the website structure look like? What’s within your budget?

2. Design Phase

The first ideas are implemented graphically and slowly take shape. We experiment diligently with different fonts, shapes, colours and proportions until everything fits together harmoniously. You will receive the drafts by email in a few days. Then everything is discussed and revised if required.

3. Implementation

Now only the finishing touches are missing. The selected draft is drawn and prepared for printing. Edition, choice of paper and additional finishing techniques are discussed. The website design is handed over to the programming and content such as images and texts are inserted. You will receive training documents from me on the selected CMS, briefly and clearly explained, so that you can easily use content such as texts and images on your website yourself in the future.

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